About WHT

| Company Profile |

Our company focuses on the development and promotion healthy and nutritions foods
All products are research and development by the company
We hope to spread the good products of Taiwan to  countries over thr world
Main service item:
1. Research and production of various kinds of nutritious and healthy food
2. Research and production of own brand 
3. Promotion of food production in Taiwan

* We are finding distributors or agents, if you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.
| Brand story |

The logo comes from one of Traditional Chinese words -"萬" (Wan).
Turn 90° you can see the company's name "WHT" inside.
It means WHT has a diversified business model to possess global markets.
| Our Brand Core Value |

Provide "The Best Food", "The Best Flavors", " The Best Products"
These are our company core values
The best products for the best you.
| Main Products |

Nutritional health Food
Taiwan tea drinks
Instant Food
Others Food


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